Professor Elemental & His Amazing Friends 3: The Final Chapter

The New Album is Finally Here! Click on the awesome cover by Ben McCaffrey to get yours!

Professor Elemental & Victor Ghastly: Topsy Turvy (2022)

A collaborative EP between the demon of electroswing and the Professor. Join us as MR Victor electrifies remixes, mash ups and brand new songs.

The conclusion to a ten year saga is here! A guest star studded concept album as the professor faces his greatest nemesis and Geoffrey the ape's final fate is revealed!

Elemental & Mister Frisbee: Good Dad Club (2021))

Elementl and Mr Frisbee celebrate fatherhood and explore the very best and worst that being a Dad can offer. A must listen for fans of funky beats and surviving parenting.

Elemental & Mr Frisbee: Let's Get Messy (2020)

A fun packed romp of party pieces including the singles 'Let's Get Messy' and 'Cat's Pyjamas'. It's the best music festival you've never been to!

The Indifference Engine : 10th Anniversary Edition (2009/ 2019)