'Chap hop's leading exponent' The Wall Street journal

‘A YouTube hit’ Daily Telegraph

'Breathtaking freestyle rap' The Guardian

'Fast and fluid...loveably bonkers' Londonist

'Funny & intelligent' SFX magazine

‘A breath of fresh air in a serious scene’ Certified Banger


Welcome to the world of Professor Elemental. An award winning hip hop artist and accomplished host, the Professor has performed all over the world at everything from festivals to wedding parties, hip hop shows to bizarre burlesque. A regular on the worldwide convention and festival scene he has played everywhere from Canada to Cambodia.

With a career spanning a decade, Professor Elemental first got noticed with  ‘Cup Of Brown Joy’ which notched up over two million views and headlines in the national press. This was soon followed by a scuffle with another rapper named Mr B, resulting in the  follow up ‘Fighting Trousers’; which has been viewed over three million times and  gained worldwide acclaim.

On stage the Professor is a wild combination of music and comedy, incorporating  improvisation and  new material for each live show. For special events like weddings, birthday parties and private functions, he can be commissioned to write a special song or verse for the occasion, featuring everything you want to share. For more information on booking the Professor, contact Ellie Morgan Jones at

Along with over ten years of acclaimed albums and live shows, the Prof has also lent his voice to the Disney cartoons, charity campaigns, advertisements and much more. You can hear the voice reel and see recent voiceover work here.

Working alongside charities like Audioactive and SYCP, the Professor is also an ex-teacher and has a wealth of experience as a workshop facilitator for all ages.

And if you want to chat to the professor himself, you can contact him at:

Or join him on twitter: @prof_elemental

Awards and Discography


Best Musical Act: Brighton Fringe 2011

Greatest Living Eccentric & Most Eccentric Artist: The British Eccentric Club 2012

Spirit Of The Fringe: Dublin Comedy fringe festival 2013

Best Solo Musician: Steampunk Chronicle Readers Choice Awards 2014

Best Personality: Steampunk Chronicle Readers Choice Awards 2014

Best Personality: Steampunk Chronicle Readers Choice Awards 2015




The Menagerie – Wild Kingdom

(with Dr Syntax, produced by Tom Caruana and featuring Nick Maxwell)


Elemental vs Digital Midgets Mixtape

(mixed by Digital Midgets, produced by Tom Caruana, Ido, Crespo and Digital midgets)


Elemental - The Grand Tour (single)

(produced by Tom Caruana)


Elemental & Tom Caruana – Rebel Without Applause

(Produced by Tom Caruana)


Professor Elemental – The Indifference Engine

(produced by Tom Caruana, Herma Puma)


Professor Elemental – More Tea?

(produced by Tom Caruana, Various)


Special School – Special School

(With Jon Clark, produced by Tom Caruana, Cuthdaddy and Herbie Dragons)


Professor Elemental – Father Of Invention

(produced by Tom Caruana)

I'm British (single)

(produced by Tom Caruana)


This is my horse (single)

Produced by Tom Caruana

The Menagerie – Irregular Spirits

(With Dr Syntax, Teej, Jon clark, baba Brinkman, Dizraeli, Koaste & Longusto/ produced by Tom Caruana)


A Platter Of Platypuses (Vinyl)

(Produced by Tom Caruana)

Professor Elemental - The Giddy Limit Ep & Mix

(produced by Tom Caruana, Nick Maxwell, Various)

Elemental &Crespo – Everyday is Saturday

(produced by Crespo)


Elemental and Mr Simmonds - Dressed Up To Fall Down

(produced by Mr Simmonds)

APEQUEST: The Search For Geoffery

( produced by Tom Caruana)



Professor Elemental And His Amazing Friends

(produced by Tom Caruana and others)



The Menagerie - Odd Beast

(featuring Dr Syntax, Produced by Tom Caruana)


The  Adventures Of Professor Elemental: Radio Series

(produced by Tom Caruana)



Professor Elemental's School Of Whimsy

(produced by Tom Caruana)


The Nervous Ep

(produced by Tom Caruana and John Callaghan)



Professor Elemental's Amazing Friends: Part 2

(Various Producers)


Professor Elemental's Amazing Friends: 2.5

(Various Producers- Patreon exclusive)



Housebound Hedonist EP

(Produced by Tom Caruana)


Let's Get Messy

(Produced by Mister Frisbee)