I'm British (redux)

The video for the Original Version of I'm British

Walk In The Sun - The new song from Lack Of Afro featuring Professor Elemental

I'm British (euro remix) by John Callaghan

Everything Stops For Acidity- a Mr B & Professor Mash Up By John Callaghan


New Interview: An afternoon cuppa with Invokal

NEW INTERVIEW: A drunken chat with the Professor


New Article: A Few of My Favourite Steampunks...


The latest article for the 'Steampunk hand Around the World' project all about some of my favourite people in the wonderful world of Steampunk. Just click on the picture to discover a whole world of silliness, creativity and steamy fun!

Weird Weird West: The Video

The League Of S.T.E.A.M Musical- with theme song by the Prof

Huffington Post Interview


Check out my afternoon tea with the Huffington Post. Just click on my horsey butler.

The New T-Shirt


The New T-Shirt Is Here! Click on Geoffery and get yours now!


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