New Podcast! A new recorded story: 'Confessions of A Swan Eater'


Diary Of A Swan Eater - By Professor Elemental, Introduction by Nimue Brown

Free Mix CD: 'Not Safe For Work'


A free collection of songs to help you through getting back to work this Winter... Click on the gin to download.

New Song: Vorteque and Professor Elemental

Lil Wayne: Genius Or Not?


Is Lil' Wayne the greatest rapper of all time? Worthy of study like Dylan or Shakespeare? Well, to me the short answer to that is 'No', but Professor Kreston Kent thinks otherwise. Read our debate on the subject by clicking on Mr Wayne's sneering face!

The Year's Shows at a glance


Coming to a town near you... Professor Elemental is all tour all year. have a look at the first dates, by clicking above.

Professor Elemental Cards on Sale!


Click on the image to get your own deck of Professor playing cards for the game 'Pairs'.

New Music: All You Can Eat (Produced By Pete Cannon)

The Giddy Limit EP & Mix Double CD


Available for download and on double CD. Just click on the picture of my ridiculous face!

The Novel: Out now in hardback and paperback!


Out Now! The new novel by Nimue Brown & Professor Elemental. With lavish illustrations throughout by Tom Brown.

To order your copy, just click on the image.

'A marvelous idea, executed with great charm and style.' - Warren Ellis

NEW VIDEO: Sir, You Are Being Hunted



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